Joshua Wolff

At 18 Josh drove cross country with his best friend in a 1981 Volvo which somehow led him to buying a one way ticket to Japan where he studied and worked until moving back to the US for a graduate degree in Education. He’s been in the education world for over ten years, from teaching literacy and mathematics to 6th graders in the Bronx to producing the first Discovery Educator Abroad program around the Pacific Rim to staff developing with teachers and administrators in the NYC Department of Education.

His passion for learning about other places and people was the impetus for the founding of Nomading Films. His experience in production consists of producing non-fiction media for a variety of documentary and NGO outlets; From producing video diaries with ex-child soldiers in northern Uganda, to short films in post-earthquake Haiti as well as vignettes for Verizon’s FiOS television network.

He’s currently directing the feature-length documentary film “My Village, My Lobster”. Shot over four years, the film deals with the perilous job of lobster diving off the remote northeast coast of Nicaragua. By way of Nomading Films, Josh co-founded The Nomading Film Festival, a festival for all travelers and filmmakers celebrating the collective passion for stepping out of our comfort zone.


Joanna Lauren Cyprys

Joanna Lauren Cyprys is a media maven with a passion for merging technology, education and global issues. Joanna spent 5 years working for Global Nomads Group (GNG) where she served as the Production Manager. At GNG she led field teams to conduct remote satellite videoconferences with youth and produced documentary video content around the world. Her work brought her to just about every corner of the world- even Antarctica, where she joined a science expedition as an educational outreach partner. She circumnavigated the globe twice with Semester At Sea working with students on topics such as world religion, migration and service learning. Joanna is currently the Operations Manager at Community Media Access Partnership (CMAP), a community media center in Northern California. At CMAP, Joanna helps to bring media and technology to rural communities.